Selling this whole collection of toy pistols as one lot.  Total of 13 guns and 1 leather holster.
No caps included.
I am not an expert on these old toys so any details below are based on my limited research.
Includes 3 Cowboy and 2 Pluck cast iron pistols (made approx 1900?).
Includes 1 early cast iron cap gun (made approx 1860?) Rare?
Includes 1 mares laig lever action rifle, 1 derringer, and several other revolver types. 
All appear to be in working order although action may be slightly sticky.
Please ask if you have questions or need to see additional pictures.

"This replica gun contains the colored markings required by law, including a permanently attached orange plug."

Sold ONLY in the USA.


Vintage Collection / Lot of CAST IRON Toy Spring Loaded Gun Pistol / Stevens