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"Mustard Sally" - Vintage 1952 Schwinn Bicycle

If your bicycles needs to have as much personality as you do….this might be the ride for you!
This project started as a 1952 girls bike with the perfect amount of surface rust.  I added mustard yellow stripes, a TRM tank kit with lights, new tires & tubes, custom handle bars in the style of the late 1930’s, handmade leather mudflaps, serviced all the bearings, and a few other details listed below.
I think the result is a beautiful vintage ride that will turn heads.  You will definitely have the only one in town!

~ Custom old-school handlebars offer perfect hand position with rearward seating position
~ Mustard yellow racing stripes antiqued to match rusty patina
~ TRM fiberglass tank kit with dual LED lights
~ All bearings greased and/or replaced for super smooth ride. Wheels spin for days (well, maybe not quite that long)
~ New 26" x 2.35 tires and tubes
~ Recovered leather spring seat
~ Handmade leather mudflaps and front hub shiner
~ Original Richmond brass tag that is still mounted on the rear fender
~ Sweetheart skip-tooth chainring
~ Morrow rear brake hub
~ Super long solid steel lay-back seat post
~ Leather FX Saddle Company emblem on chain guard
~ Lots of patina & character
~ Serial # C47285 on bottom bracket

IMPORTANT: As you can imagine, a 70 year old bicycle will have some flaws. The spokes are rusty and I did not try to make any adjustments to them. The wheels spin true so they should not create any issues for normal slow cruising. The Morrow hub occasionally acts up while braking and will not engage immediately. A few more turns of the pedals will usually return it to normal function.   The bike does ride very nicely.  I am about 5’ 11” and it is very comfortable for me.

Please ask prior to purchasing if you have any questions or would like to see additional photos.
Unfortunately shipping bikes has become more expensive recently. This bike will likely be partially disassembled to fit in 2 boxes.  It will be packaged & shipped professionally by the local bike shop unless you choose to pickup in Ephrata, PA.

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle / Mustard Sally Custom

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