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Lead time: 2-3 weeks

6" Wood Knife with Pancake Sheath (cross draw)

Why waste precious pocket space with a pocket knife that you have to dig for? The pancake sheath allows you to weave your belt into the sheath while keeping it in an easy access location. The belt applies natural tension to keep the knife secure.

~ Beautiful quality vegetable tanned leather (Light Oil / Natural)
~ INCLUDES 6” fixed blade knife by Elk Ridge
~ Stainless fixed blade knife with wood handle
~ Hand stamped basket pattern
~ Accommodates up to 1 1/2" belt
~ Sheath made right here in our shop!
~ Great gift item
PLEASE NOTE: The included knife is sharp and ready for use.

Choose left hand draw (for right hip) or right hand draw (for left hip)

CUSTOM ORDER - Pancake Knife Sheath with Wood Knife / Light Oil Basket

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