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Blackrock Leather 'N' Rich is our ALL-TIME favorite conditioning product here at FX Saddle Company.  It is used on every saddle that leaves our shop.

Everybody loves that clean & slightly wet look that leather has after it is freshly treated however it doesn't last long.  When treated with Blackrock, that look stays for weeks! 

Here's what it says on the can:

Blackrock's unique formulation is colorless to enhance all leather tones, easy to use, and economical.  Genuine carnuba wax buffs easily to a shine.  Cleans, Nourishes, & beautifies all leathers (except suede, naked leathers, unfinished leathers & glazed lambskin), all colors to a rich mellow glow.  Excellent for use on exotic leathers.

Size: 4 oz Plastic jar

Directions:  (use sparingly) Remove excess dirt, familiarize yourself with Blackrock by first applying to a small inconspicuous spot. Check for satisfactory results using fingertips.  Apply a very small amount of Blackrock evenly, allowing it to permeate entire article. Take a paper towel & rub entire article, lifting out dirt & excess Blackrock.  Buff with polishing brush & shine cloth for high luster.


Blackrock Leather Cleaner and Conditioner


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